Her Story

Joanne Oh

“There are people who look alike, but there are no two people who are identical. My teddy bears are like that. There is a teddy bear with a delicate and sensitive personality, and there is a goofy and playful teddy bear that puts a smile on your face the minute you look at it. To create a teddy bear so unique, with a face expression and personality like no other – this is the ultimate goal as a teddy bear artist.”

Joanne Oh

Joanne’s fate with teddy bears was like a fairytale story. Joanne’s goal to create a unique teddy bear brought a special hand-weaving method of the materials. Joanne went through numerous failings before mastering a hand-weaving technique in order to make outstanding teddy bears.

Adding a special natural-dyeing process to teddy bear creation, just simply looking at Joanne’s fabric that is dyed naturally with yellow chrome, safflower and sappan wood, it takes your breath away.

Delicate mohair teddy bear is met with elaborate corsage, Lady Teddy Bear series is made with the attention to every single detail; there is “Joon Bear” that is named after a famous actor Bae Yong Joon; there is also Obama Bear that is dedicated to President Obama; dapper looking Bowtie Bear, and many more to see. It’s hard to take your eyes off of Joanne’s Teddy Bears.

Sometimes cute and lovely, and sometimes elegant and graceful, Joanne’s Teddy Bear becomes a precious gift, a wonderful friend, and everlasting family.